What is Bitcoin? Ebook
What is Bitcoin? Ebook
Finally a book that explains it so everyone can understand!
Over the last few years, the world started going crazy about Bitcoin. Young kids, students, retirees, business owners or employees, ... everybody is finding out how this new type of money is totally changing the world.

In this book we help anyone to understand what Bitcoin is all about, how we can use it, keep it safe and as with any new technology before mass adoption... how to find ways for it to make us money!
What is that thing called the Blockchain?
Some people consider its invention, more important than the internet. So, what is it, and how is it changing the world we live in forever?
What can I really do with Bitcoin?
We can buy or sell anything online with Bitcoin and it's even faster and safer than regular transactions. We just need to know how.
People make lots of money with it. How?
Even if we have no experience trading before, learning how to trade Bitcoin may well become the most lucrative "hobby" we've ever started!
What people are saying about "What is Bitcoin?"
"This ebook is an easy read. It told me exactly what I wanted to know without needing a technical background." - L. Bisset, Vietnam (language teacher & volunteer)

"I finally know more about Bitcoin than my nephews! " - P. De Winter, Belgium (courier)

"I'm a business owner and in our company we're used to transferring funds to suppliers abroad. Before I read your book, I really thought that Bitcoin was a scam, because the price changes quickly. Now that I understand how it works, I'm using it to pay nearly half of the people I work with. They receive their money faster, I pay less fees and I don't have to wait for approval by my bank! Thanks for making me see the light!" - L. Arvidsson, Sweden (business owner)

"After reading your book I bought some Bitcoin for myself and for my kids. I'll be learning to trade it next. Thanks for making a difficult matter easy to understand." - Hope, Columbus, USA (retired)
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